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The Artistic Crafts Days (Journées des métiers d’art) were created in 2002, upon the request of the French government. They are named European Artistic Crafts Days (EACD) since 2012. They were launched by the Institut National des Métiers d'Art (INMA) and have become the first international event dedicated to crafts.

They take place every year during the beginning of spring. Craft studios open their doors to the public and outdoor demonstrations are held by craftspeople, training schools and museums.


For the past two years, the European Artistic Crafts Days have had to adapt and move away from their true nature. In 2022, the Institut National des Métiers d’Art (INMA) wishes to focus on human encounters, exchanges and savoir-faire demonstrations, rebuilding bridges between craftsmen and women and their audience.

During the sixteenth edition of the EACD, from March 28th to April 3rd, INMA will set the pace, as an orchestra conductor would. This year's theme "Our hands in unison", will be revolving around notions like humankind, gatherings and togetherness, as well as being European.

In 2022, more than ever, hands will connect during workshops, shake with new collaborations, apprenticeships and reunions. These hands have knowledge that they transform and pass on. They are the craftsman’s tool, its metronome and instrument. They set the rhythm of production, from sketch to completion, elevating materials to offer a subtle mix of tradition and innovation in a harmonious creation. 

During the 2022 European Artistic Crafts Days, on every land and in every language, craftspeople will share their passion with the same voice and same hands, in unison.    



Some events that were organized online during the European Artistic Crafts Days of 2021 remain visible below on this page.

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