Autriche – Austria

24 mars 2023

En Autriche, la Chambre de commerce de Vienne et la Chambre de commerce autrichienne coordonnent ensemble les JEMA en 2023.

Plus d’une soixantaine d’événements répartis sur le territoire autrichien permettront au public de découvrir l’artisanat du 31 mars au 2 avril 2023.

Site dédié pour Vienne à ce lien.
Site pour toute l’Autriche à ce lien.

In Austria, the Viennese commerce chamber and the Austrian commerce chamber are coordinating the event together.

From 31 March to 2 April 2023, visitors throughout Austria will have the opportunity to take a discovery tour through the studios of participating craftspeople and learn about their unique products.
The participating businesses decide themselves when to open their workshops and show visitors the diversity of their activities and products and offer an individual program such as guided tours, exhibitions, hands-on activities. For legal reasons, no sales activities are allowed on Sundays.

As a public corporation, the Bundesinnung Kunsthandwerke is part of the Austrian Economic Chambers. As the strong voice of businesses, they advocate for future-oriented and business-friendly policies, e.g. tax relief, reduction of bureaucracy, subsidies.
They promote business through a wide range of services and offer fast and competent advice, from labour law to customs information. The Federal Guild is represented by Federal Guild Master Wolfgang Hufnagl and Federal Guild Managing Director Erwin Czesany.

Dedicated Austrian website here.
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