Lituanie – Lithuania

24 février 2023

Les JEMA sont organisées à Vilnius, capitale de la Lituanie par l’Agence dédiée au renouvellement de la vieille ville depuis 2015. 2023 est une année spéciale car Vilnius fête ses 700 ans. Pour l’occasion, 16 événements se dérouleront (expositions, démonstrations, conférence, ateliers d’initiation) lors des Journées Européennes des Métiers d’Art dans le centre historique de la ville. Du 28 mars au 2 avril, 12 ateliers-galeries – membres du Programme municipal de l’artisanat de Vilnius, participeront.

Programme à retrouver sur leur facebook et leur site.

The EACD are organised in Vilnius by the Old Town Renewal Agency

Revitalisation Strategy for Vilnius Historic city centre was developed by the group of international experts with the support of the World Bank. The Strategy foresaw setting up of an Old Town Renewal Agency, which was set by the Municipality in 1998. The Agency continuously implements provisions of the World Heritage Convention. Financed by Vilnius Municipality the Agency informs, consults and financially supports the local community on historic properties’ maintenance issues, implements monitoring of World Heritage site and its’ objects, promotes the WH site and its outstanding universal value through awareness-raising activities. Agency’s priorities are creation of open data base of research, projects and other related to history and maintenance of the WH site, youth awareness-raising, strengthening of public consultations and engagement into planning and maintenance processes, continuous financial support for heritage property owners, establishment of WH Research and Communication Centre in co-operation UNESCO WHC, OWHC and the Baltic Sea region partners.

The Agency coordinates the Municipal Program for the Traditional Crafts and organises EACD in Vilnius since 2015.  2023 is a special year in Vilnius – the city celebrates its 700 anniversary. 16 events (exhibitions, crafts demonstrations, lectures, practical training) of European Artistic Crafts Days (EACD) take place on March 28 – April 2 in Vilnius historic center. This year 12 workshops-galleries – members of Vilnius Municipal Crafts Program take part in the events of EACD “Elevate the Everyday”. EACD are organized in Vilnius by the Old Town Renewal Agency and Vilnius Artistic Crafts Association since 2015.

More information on their facebook or their website.