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Created in 2002 upon the request of the French government in order to derive value from the country’s enormous intangible assets, the Artistic Crafts Days (Journées des métiers d’art) became the European Artistic Crafts Days in 2012. This initiative of the Institut National des Métiers d’Art has now become the first international event dedicated to crafts.

Each year in the early spring, crafts studios open their doors to the public and outdoor demonstrations are held with the participation of craftspeople, training schools and museums.

In 2019, this cultural, economic and tourism event brought together over 9 000 events from Paris to Berlin, Warsaw, Florence and Vilnius.

The 2020 edition of the EACD was delayed due to the pandemic of covid-19.
The theme of the 2021 EACD thus remains "Materials at Work". Through this theme, the event aims in particular to promote materials as sources and resources of artistic crafts in specific territories and to promote materials as objects of work of art craftsmen-designers-makers engaged in ecological, responsible and innovative approaches. 

See you soon on this page to find the 2021 European program !

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