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La Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation (PIOP) renouvelle sa participation aux Journées Européennes des Métiers d’Art 2022.

Les musées de la fondation Culturelle de la Banque Piraeus, qui soutient la préservation et la promotion de l’héritage culturel grec avec une emphase sur l’artisanat, ouvriront leurs portes pour les JEMA.

Plus d'informations sur la programmation ci-dessous en anglais.


Detailed program in English :


On Saturday 2 April (at 12:00), the Open-air Water Power Museum in Dimitsana organises a creative workshop for children over 8 years old, titled “String art-The art of the thread”.
Guided by artist Katerina Samara and mastering the art of the thread to tangle colourful threads around nails and turn them into unique creations, children will create words identified with universal values and ideals. Their artworks will become part of a larger artistic installation which will be exhibited in the Museum throughout April, sending a message of peace and solidarity to the whole world.

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On Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 April (at 11:00) the PIOP organizes the workshop titled “Hands in Unison” for children aged 10-12, accompanied by a parent/caretaker, in the Silversmithing Museum.

Guided by craftswoman Vaso Skopi, participants will have the chance to realize their own artistic creations. Utilizing a variety of metals and the forging technique, they will produce a group creation depicting hands joined together, which denotes the value of human contact, so lacking during the last few years due to the pandemic, and they will also create their own jewels in the shape of hands.

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The PIOP organizes a felting workshop for beginners on Saturday 2 April (at 10:00-11:30 and 12:00-13:30) in the Museum of Industrial Olive-oil Production of Lesvos at Aghia Paraskevi.
Felt is a material made of wool fibres that have not been processed. The required technique is simple and needs only water, soap and imagination. Using their hands or special needles, participants will create the wool fibres that can be combined with silk, linen and cotton fabrics, with impressive results, or to make jewels and ornaments for clothes and accessories.

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On Sunday 3 April (at 11:00), the PIOP organizes a special craftsmanship workshop for adults, titled “Embroidering memories with silk”, in the Silk Museum in Soufli.
Guided by artist Christos Kollias, participants will refashion old black and white photographs in new colours and textures by embroidering on them details with silk thread.

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The PIOP organizes on Sunday 3 April (at 11:00-14:00) a workshop for teenagers and adults, titled “Recycling… with crochet” in the Museum of the Olive and Greek Olive Oil in Sparti.
Archaeologist Voula Kalliodi will show participants how to refashion and reuse daily objects. In this workshop, designed for people who are familiar with crocheting, various materials that might have ended up in the trash bin, such as plastic bags, plastic bottles, packaging nets, rings around soft-drink cans or old clothes, become tasteful ornaments or useful objects.  

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On Friday 1 April (at 10:00), the PIOP organizes a workshop titled “Tiny Nest” for children aged 6-12 in the Environment Museum of Stymphalia.
Drawing inspiration from many other countries and their practice to create nests so that birds can find protection and food, this workshop focuses on the creation of nests. Children will examine constructed and natural nests made with the use of various materials and various techniques. They will realize how much human activities impact the nesting sites and the importance of the nests for the protection and population growth of birds. Then, our young friends will utilize natural and recyclable materials to construct nests for the bird species that are natives or visitors in the Stymphalia wetland.

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On Sunday 3 April (at 12:00), the PIOP organizes an educational activity for teenagers and adults, titled “From the idea to the creation”, as an introduction to marble and marble carving, in the Museum of Marble Crafts.
Guided by artists Elina Niarchou and Jeremy Lacombe, participants will trace the steps in transferring an idea on the marble and will create their own small artworks with the traditional technique.

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The PIOP organizes on Monday 4 April (at 10:30-12:00) a creative workshop for adults, titled “Samia”, in the Rooftile and Brickworks Museum in cooperation with the Roma Branch of Aliveri of the Volos municipality’s public benefit enterprise.
Guided by Roma educator Eirini Fragkouli, participants will have the chance to create the scarf known as “samia” and worn by the Roma, as well as to learn about the customs and traditions of the tribe. This scarf was traditionally worn by Roma women of any age to show respect and modesty but was also used to protect babies from the cold or to prop up their head. The style of tying the “samia” also denoted the woman’s place in the Roma society, while formal “samia”, called “boyama”, was worn in weddings, festivities and engagement ceremonies.

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The PIOP organizes on Sunday 3 April (at 12:00) a workshop for the manufacturing of clay flowers by teenagers and adults in the Chios Mastic Museum.
Drawing inspiration from the motifs on traditional costumes worn by women at the Mastichochoria (mastic villages) in Chios and particularly the ornamentation of their festive headbands, participants will create their own flowers using clay, which they will paint and use to create flower wreaths, also combining natural materials such as wood and leaves.
Floral decoration is inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, as it is popular in many folk cultures and is included in the customs and traditions of many peoples.

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