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Cette année, Fondo Plastico propose des événements digitaux sur le thème "collaborations". Le titre en italien est "INTRECCI - Storie a 4 mani". Fondo Plastico s’occupe de l’organisation régionale des Journées Européennes des Métiers d’Art en Vénétie depuis 2015.


Détails du programme en anglais :

INTRECCI | storie di sinergie creative/INTRECCI | Stories of creative synergies

In the occasion of the EACD 2022, from 28th March to 3rd April 2022, Fondo Plastico, in collaboration with Arca dei Talenti, organizes a series of online meetings live from its facebook page: an opportunity to raise awareness of the their own craft of art and their own Know-how.

INTRECCI | Stories of creative synergies, is inspired at the theme of the EACD (Our hands in unison): the leitmotif of this year's meetings is focused on collaborative experiences and synergies between similar and transversal personality that build virtuous paths between professions traditional and contemporary art.

The Program:

  • March 28th - MIRTA MORIGI + CLAUDIO REGINATO (pottery)
  • March 29th - PAULINA HERRERA LETELIER (designer) + MARIANTONIA URRU (Textile)
  • March 30th - TORRESAN TRAVERTINO | Italian Creations (murble Travertine) + CRIVÉSTUDIO (designer)
  • March 31st - C.I.T.A. (upholstery )+ "Antonio Canova", Art and Music High School Forlì (School)
  • April 1st - GIULIO IACCHETTI (designer)
  • April 2rd - NICOLE GRAMMI + GIOELA SUARDI (pottery)
  • April 3th – MATERASSE’ (upholstery)

The meetings will be held online, live on facebook, at 6.30 PM, on the Arca dei Talenti page.


April 2nd - 11 AM
"The Brenta River Mother", inauguration of the work of Toni Venzo (wood sculture)
Pove del Grappa – Vicenza (Italy)

Promoted and organized by FONDO PLASTICO, in collaboration with ARCA DEI TALENTI and FABBRICA LUMIERE, partner of C.I.T.A - Italian Association of upholstery and "Antonio Canova" - Art and Music High School (Forlì).




Via Campo Sportivo 2
31011 Asolo VE